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Drew Barrymore Graphics

Drew Barrymore graphics
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Welcome to drew_graphics! This comm is run and owned by peacefully and lethia. We noticed there was a distinct lack of Drew icon and graphic communities here on livejournal so we got together and started this great new community. This is for all sorts of Drew graphics, including icons, headers, friends only banners, even wallpapers, mood themes, and layouts. :)

1. Stay on topic! Drew Barrymore stuff only please. :)
2. If the graphic maker says they want you to comment and credit, do it! If you're unsure how, feel free to ask the person who posted them. :)
3. No community promos! If you post community promos here, they'll be deleted and marked as spam.
4. Nudity and cursing must be under a cut with a warning. We know Drew is proud of her body, but we'd like to keep the main community as safe as we can. :)
5. When posting large graphics or more than 3 icons, please use an LJ-cut.
6. No requests! If you want to request something try icon_request or another such community.
7. If you're going to link somewhere else, please post some teasers within the community. I don't want to make it mandatory, but I don't want the comm used for advertising either.
8. Be nice and courteous and all that good stuff. I don't like drama. :)

If you'd like to link to the community, feel free to use one of the following icons. Please upload them to your own webspace, don't hotlink. :)

If you would like to become a drew_graphics affiliate, please contact: peacefully @ livejournal.com, be sure to include a 100x50 (or less) button and make sure your community is Drew Barrymore, graphics, or actress/actor related. And please specify in your email that drew_graphics is the community you would like to affiliate with.

Community header and icon made by the lovely lethia from bloodyhellicons,
and the info page art done by peacefully from peaces_icons